PFAFF Overlockers

Coverlock 4.0

Are you looking for the overlock machine that has everything? The coverlock™ 4.0 overlock machine is for you! Its ultra-modern design fulfills all promises. The most modern convenience and a huge repertoire of stitches mean even more perfection and creativity. The coverlock™ 4.0 overlock machine offers all the features of your dream plus even more sophisticated extras.

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Hobbylock 2.5

The exceptionally sturdy and reliable hobbylock™ 2.5 machine offers an automatic system for thread tension that makes it easier to get the right setting with a precise stitch result.

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PFAFF Mechanical

Select 4.2

The Select 4.2 model offers all the convenience of modern technology, plus, a few extras that will make your sewing even more fun and creative.

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Smarter 160

With smart features and a unique design, this sewing machine is up to the challenge of helping you express your individuality.

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Embroidery Machines

Creative Icon

The most advanced sewing machine that Pfaff has ever created. The new Pfaff Icon, now you have the freedom to achieve perfection.

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- View in "Youtube" - Designed for artisans

- View in "Youtube" - Designed for artisans

- View in "Youtube" - Designed for artisans

- View in "Youtube" - Designed for artisans


Creative 4.5

Now is the ideal time to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.
The PFAFF Creative 4.5 sewing and embroidery machine offers a range of impressive features and creative possibilities, as well as an incredible diversity of designs.

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Creative 3.0

“I’m always searching for inspiration, new skills to master, and opportunities to express my own personal style. I need a sewing machine that meets my needs today with the potential to expand my creativity in the future. I love embroidery and the almost limitless possibility it represents. My perfect machine: PFAFF Creative 3.0 – Challenge your imagination!”

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Creative 1.5

With the PFAFF Creative 1.5 sewing and embroidery machine it is easy and exciting to create one of a kind designs with a stylish twist. By using all the great advantages from the machine and the Embroidery Intro Software you will see your visions come true, stitch by stitch... 

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PFAFF Computerized

Expression 710

A passion for sewing reveals ones true self. Beautiful fabrics that inspire your imagination to run free. Creations that show a love of detail and desire to achieve professional-looking results. You need a sewing machine that delights you - one that offers room for new ideas and possibilities.

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Expression 720

Quilting is one of the most exciting forms of artistic expression. It needs a sewing machine which fulfills quilters‘ needs and gives their imagination free rein. Let your creativity run free as you experience the quilt new expression™ 720 sewing machine. Realize how exciting modern quilting can be!

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Ambition 610

Pfaff Ambition 610 with the Original IDT system, LCD screen, large sewing space, 110 stitches and a speed slider. It will make you want to begin sewing. An exciting world of colorful fabrics, inspiring ideas, and unlimited possibilities is awaiting you. There is more to discover than you can imagine.

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Ambition 620

Pfaff Ambition 620 with the Original IDT system, LCD screen, large sewing space, 136 stitches and a speed slider. This sewing machine allows you to find your inner quilting star. Realize the luxury of creating your own style!

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Passport 3.0

Imagine a sewing machine compact enough to whisk away to a sewing class or fit on your bookshelf. Now, imagine this same machine is chock-full of features designed to meet the high demands of the PFAFF® sewer. The passport™ 3.0 sewing machine is specially designed for small spaces, as well as going places such as classes, retreats or any sewing journey. It is your license to venture out in the world and discover new ways and new places to sew! No limits. Just freedom.

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Smarter 260

A computerized sewing machine with smart features focused on helping you express your individuality.

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IDT: Only from PFAFF




IDT guarantees that the feed dogs are perfectly synchronized! Only Pfaff has IDT built into its sewing machines.

During sewing, the fabric is fed simultaneously from both the top and bottom. Absolutely nothing can slip when working with fine fabrics or several layers.

It's wonderful for quilting because piecing and quilt blocks match exactly.  Even long lengths of heavy fabric (typical for home decorating projects) can easily be sewn from beginning to end.

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Marie's Sewing Creations is the only Husqvarna Viking & PFAFF dealer in Bloemfontein and have a range of sewing, overlocker and embroidery machines on display.

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